About ConveyWeigh, LLC.

ConveyWeigh was formed to fill a need for an inexpensive, quality solution for belt scale applications. Our belt scale products were developed using our over 70 years of combined experience in the belt scale weighing industry. Our scale design utilizes what we have learned over they years selling,installing, calibrating and servicing most every brand of belt scale. We examined all the strengths and weaknesses of other manufacturers belt scales and built our scales with two objectives.

Quality is First and Foremost

Our weighbridges are built from heavy steel, are very rigid and do not rely on idler frames or flimsy conduit as the all important belt scale weighing element. Our speed sensors are also heavy steel construction, have a solid steel wheel, grease-able industrial bearings and utilize a unique non contact speed sensing element and do NOT bounce.  Our integrator is “state of the art” microprocessor controlled electronics with special attention to the software to insure very simple operation, plain English displays on the screen, simple calibration routines all housed in a NEMA 4X galvanized steel enclosure. Our systems are built for the specific conveyor application and come assembled and pre-wired. We NEVER deliver a kit scale.

Priced to be Affordable

Second is price. We felt that a simple, single idler scale system should be priced where an average operator could afford a device to monitor production and flow rates. Taking that idea a step further,we offer dual, three and four idler systems, based on our proven low cost weighbridge, to provide reasonably priced scales in the higher accuracy class. We use efficient steel fabrication production techniques along with mass produced electronics platforms and low overhead to provide the industry with high quality, low cost belt scales Our service and after market support is first rate. We provide complete and easy to understand documentation so that an average operator can install,calibrate and maintain our belt scales. If assistance is needed, our service department is always ready to provide fast and friendly service-support. Give us an opportunity, we are sure you will be glad you did.